Noonrider: Become an Ambassador!

An Ambassador is a person who is a fan of the concept and is willing to offer some of his/her time to promote it. In return, Noonrider gives back for every sales generated.

Find the possibility that suits you best :

Already a fan and user of Noonrider?

Send us pictures of you and your Noonrider or a link to your Instagram or facebook page and we will give you a unique code, giving access to privileges (discount, gift...) for your contacts when they buy a Noonrider.

Do you want to offer people the possibility to try your own Noonrider? We'll let you know if someone in your area is interested.

Link up our communications, do some live shows or whatever you want to support a positive brand and product awareness.

For any purchase that reaches us with your coupon code, you will gradually get your Noonrider reimbursed!

Contact us by clicking here.

With the willingness to acquire one?

You are committed to relaying our communications, doing live shows yourself or whatever you want to support a positive brand and product awareness.?

Noonrider offers you an immediate discount code valid for a Noonrider MM on our french website . It goes from 10% to more, depending wether you are the 1st one to purchase in a given country or city ?

Contact us by clicking here.

You will then become a fan with a code for your contacts.

No immediate purchase plan, but interested with an influencer profile ?

Subscribe to our social networks.

Share our social network news with your friends and contacts.

In return, we give you a coupon code that you can share and that will reward you with vouchers for your future Noonrider at each sale you make.

Click here to contact us.

You are a professional and the Noonrider is consistent with your products and/or services range... (Sale or rental of cycles, Mobility, Street marketing, Security … or you simply want to boost a shop window with an incredible and eye catching product...).

For resellers:

You are a wholesaler and want to distribute widely in your area ? Get in touch with us at …

You own a physical store ? No need to build stock at this stage. Purchase one product with in-store display to have it tested by anyone who wants.

Your store is referenced and geolocalised on our site to redirect potential customers.

When you sell, you actually buy from us and we either deliver directly to the customer or to you.

When you cannot close a deal for any reason : Give the customer your shop code so that it can be delivered directly later and we transfer you your margin with the customer information. You will therefore be able to manage the after-sales service if necessary.

Contact us by clicking here.

For professional users:

the first one in a given category of use will have the greatest benefits.

Tell us who you are, where you are and how you intend to use the Noonrider.

A few examples: photographer, municipal police, security company, shop window animation, needs for a film...

Contact us by clicking here.