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Private testing (in Paris)

Most complete Noonrider MM - Price for early birds valid in January only

250,00 € tax incl.

Either you come from United Kingdom, Netherlands or Belgium, and head up to Paris, you will pass nearby our headquarters. Our city, Senlis, is 15 minutes north from Roissy Charles de Gaulle.

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More details

Vitesse Maximale 25 km/h
GPS Option
Bluetooth Oui
Potence de guidon Stempark Option
Guidon Touring Option
Contrôle de vitesse max via App Oui
Frein électronique Oui
Largeur du pneu 16cm
diamètre du pneu 37cm
Poids 20kg
Autonomie (utilisateur de 65kg) 15 à 50km
Température d'utilisation -10°C à +40°C
Poids max de l'utilisateur 120kg
Chargeur AC 110V-220V
Batterie (Samsung ou Panasonic) 3 x 2.2ah
Puissance 396wh
Temps de charge 3-4h
Couleur disponible Noir ou Bleu
Marque Noonrider
Hauteur assise réglable
Remorque arrière Option

Noonrider MonoMagic : An alternative to electric scooters and Segway

Noonrider MM

We will go through 5 steps to teach you how to use and feel comfortable with a Noonrider. Here below some of the benefits of our latest model.

Xtra large tire for incredible steadiness

Vue sur pneu Xtra large et reposes pieds

Handlebar for your comfort



Adjustable height of the seat

Standing up, seated, as you wish ...

MonoMagic roue seule

situation debout

"The" accessory for the whole family


EarlyBird Offer 

We aim to receive your feed-back, therefore your Noonrider MM will come with all accessories we can think of. (several handle bars, trailer ...)

If you would like to become an ambassador in your city, get in touch with us at

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