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Most complete Noonrider MM - Price for early birds valid in January only

199,00 € tax incl.

  • removeable Seat and handlebar
  • weight: 20kg (excluding go kart accessory)
  • Autonomy : 15 à 50km (according to user's weight)
  • Max user weight : 120kg
  • Charging Time: 3-4 hours

More details

Vitesse Maximale 25 km/h
GPS Option
Bluetooth Oui
Potence de guidon Stempark Option
Guidon Touring Option
Contrôle de vitesse max via App Oui
Frein électronique Oui
Largeur du pneu 16cm
diamètre du pneu 37cm
Poids 20kg
Autonomie (utilisateur de 65kg) 15 à 50km
Température d'utilisation -10°C à +40°C
Poids max de l'utilisateur 120kg
Chargeur AC 110V-220V
Batterie (Samsung ou Panasonic) 3 x 2.2ah
Puissance 396wh
Temps de charge 3-4h
Couleur disponible Noir ou Bleu
Marque Noonrider
Hauteur assise réglable
Remorque arrière Option

Book now for Christmas 2020, you will choose the options later.

Now a "classique" in his product category, Noonrider remains unique, being the only mono wheel on earth (not quite proud, we are french, thus European ;-) offering the comfort of a seat and handlebar easily removeable. Whereas your feet are kind of stuck on the machine on an Hoverboard or a Segway, we give you a chance to have the feet on the ground whenever you like it for your comfort and safety.

It comes with two colors to choose from :"sideral black" et "magnetic blue ". 

You will receive the pictures so you decide, but you can already follow us on Instagram Noonrider60.

Xtra wide tire for a Xtra steadiness

Vue sur pneu Xtra large et reposes pieds

You can be thankful for the experience we gained with our models M and XBOY. Its wide tire will offer you steadiness from the start. Anyway with the footrest folded, you can start with your feet on the ground. (We will provide you our 5 steps process to start peacefully.;-)

Handlebar for your comfort


On a Noonrider, its purpose is not to steer (your body does it) but it provides a great comfort and make it even easier when starting. You will soon be a master also without handlebar, we promise you !

Its design makes it easy to personnalise, you can choose amongst the tons of handlebar available on the market for bicycles.

Adjustable seat

We are not all the same, therefore we made it so you can adapt the height of the seat on Noonrider MM. Our claim : having a product that fits as well for people less than 5'3" or more than 6'5".

Standing up, seated and more ...

For all those who have dreamt about standing up on one wheel, but never dared, Noonrider MM is the answer. You can remove the seat and handlebar and use it without !

MonoMagic roue seule

Standing up with an handlebar is also a possible option !situation debout

Lots of people have seen the race of pods with the young Annakin Skywalker riding a machine with the motor far ahead. We offer this execution that you and your kids will love. Either to be used on "shift" mode or quietly to drive your kid at school with style.



Our models are equipped PANASONIC battery pack offering up to 25 miles range. (measured with a 65kg pilote). Charging is super easy on any traditional socket.

Christmas 2020

You book your Noonrider now so you secure to get one with 199€ prepayment only. You will choose later your favourite colours, options and accessories.

We are European, that is true, but we serve globally. First to book, first to be delivered.

A question ? The willingness to become an ambassador ? Contact us at

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